Staying Cool in the Georgian Summer Heat

Best way to beat the Georgia heat? Get out on your motorcycle this summer!

Best way to beat the Georgia heat? Get out on your motorcycle!

A Cool Ride in Georgia

As the summer months start to heat up the Georgian soil around us, we start to look for relief in any way we can. For motorcyclists nothing says “Beat the heat” like a cruise by the Atlantic. We’ve picked the best routes you can take along the coast on your bike for some “Fun in the sun”.

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So now that you have a proper bike to ride on, let’s talk about the route.

Ride to Pelican Point Restaurant

Map of Coastline

Route miles: 40 miles

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

To get here:

We recommend getting directions to Richmond Hill, where the route starts. You should jump on I-95 South to exit #90 toward Richmond Hill, once you are off the exit you will hop on US-17 South. This is the beginning of the route.

The Ride:

Take US-17 South for about 20 miles, this is where you can sit back and enjoy the route, take in the scenery and relax while the wind cools you off. Once you hit G-99 South hang a left and then another Left on Johnson Road, take this till it dead ends, then another Left. Follow Sapelo ave all the way till it dead ends and you’ll be right at the restaurant.


You’ll enjoy the view of small town Georgian life, with marshes and wildlife to boot. The road is nice and the ride is easy, so take a load off and enjoy it.


If you enjoyed this route tell us about it! We’d love to hear what you think!