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Need Help Selling A Used Motorcycle In Georgia?

Need Help Selling A Used Motorcycle In Georgia?

Do you need help selling a used motorcycle in Georgia? Living in the southern states can be a blessing for motorcycle riders. While the weather can be chaotic, residents experience warm climates than those living in the north. Georgia is a beautiful state that has many beautiful bike routes to explore. However, circumstances can make selling your used motorcycle the only option. When trying to sell your bike, there are many obstacles you have to overcome. Fortunately, Sell My Motorcycle can help you with the selling process.

Problems with Selling Your Bike

We all know the hassle and stress that comes with selling a motorcycle online in Georgia. For new sellers, there are many hurdles that you need to jump through to sell your bike. First of all, you need to take pictures. If your images are low-quality then buyers won’t even give your listing a second glance. After that, you need to write a description of your bike. You need to give details about your motorcycle. However, a lacking description can turn away some buyers as well. After all, they want to know what they are buying.

Even after you put a listing together, interested buyers want to take a look at the bike. That means making appointments; sometimes traveling to meet these potential buyers. However, you run the risk of getting buyers who are creepy. If you get a decent buyer, you have to start haggling and go through the runaround to get the price you want. Heaven forbid you to have to ship the thing after it’s all said and done.

It’s just such a hassle and a pain to deal with, so why even bother? Well, we here at have taken all that stress out of the process and have made it simple. We’ve made the process simple, quick, and easy, cause we know you have other things to worry about.

Options For A Used Motorcycle

You have the choice of going to our easy online-quote page and filling out our form, or for those of us who aren’t computer savvy, you can drop us a line at 1-404-975-0072. We want to know all about your bike. Custom paint jobs, new tires, or any new parts you installed? Tell us! We will take that into consideration when giving you a quote. No run-around, no games, just straight talk about how we can help you sell your bike.

Tax time is the perfect time to buy a new bike. But before you buy your new one, sell your used motorcycle to us! With great offers and servicing all of Georgia, it is a great idea!

We’ve been buying motorcycles all over Georgia for years, from Atlanta to Valdosta and everywhere in between. We are avid riders and bike enthusiasts and have been in the business of buying motorcycles, ATVs, and watercraft for decades. We have the passion and experience that you can trust. So why wait? Contact us today!

Click here for a free quote or call us at 1-404-975-0072. 

We Buy Trikes

sell your trike

Are you looking for a new motorcycle to buy on the Southeast coast? A model currently on the rise in popularity in Georgia is three-wheeled motorcycles or trikes. And this is for good reason. Trikes have many benefits compared to standard two-wheeled motorcycles.

Trikes have made a comeback in recent years due largely to their unique design. The trike look is easily noticeable and attracts a lot of attention on the roads. Furthermore, trikes allow for greater security which makes it safer to ride. There are a lot of long motorcycle riding trails in Georgia. With a three-wheeled design and subsequent better balance, you can drive longer distances more comfortably. And if you are looking for a place to sell your trike, sell your vehicle to Sell My Motorcycle

Why Are Trikes Popular in Georgia?

Trikes are very popular at the moment for a variety of reasons. But why? Here are just a few of the reasons why people are interested in trikes!


Three-wheeled motorcycles are much safer than their two-wheeled counterparts. The weight of the motorcycle is spread between three wheels which provide added stability and balance. This also makes trikes a great option for older motorcyclists and those that have disabilities that affect the maneuvering of a basic two-wheeled motorcycle. 

Space and Comfort

Trikes are known for being easier to ride than other motorcycles due to less effort being required in controlling them. This allows the rider to conserve energy while riding short and long distances alike! Additionally, the added width of a trike affords the rider more room on the seat for comfort and more space for storage as well. 


Who doesn’t like the trike style? These bikes cause heads to turn on the roads and gain lots of attention from fellow motorists. If you like turning heads on long rides and getting attention for your bike, you should consider investing in a trike of your own. Selling Trikes in Georgia

Sell Your Trike to Sell My Motorcycle

We want to buy your trikes! Here at Sell My Motorcycle, we are interested in late-model trikes of any brand including Harley-Davidson, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, and many others!

Also, we make the selling process easy. All you have to do is fill out a free online quote form or give us a call at 1-404-975-0072. We will offer you a fair price on your trike and get everything handled. Contact us and sell your trike today!

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Guide to Buying a Used Motorcycle

buy used motorcycle

Do you want to buy a used motorcycle? While many people want to buy a brand-new bike, buying second-hand is an excellent option. However, there are some hurdles to purchasing a used bike. As a result, some people do not know what to look for before paying for a used motorcycle. That is why Sell My Motorcycle is going to give you a handy guide for used bikes!

Look For Damage

The first step is to look for damage. Since you’re looking at a used motorcycle, it is not going to be in the same condition as a brand-new bike. However, it is important to inspect the bike visually. Take the time to identify any major scratches and dings. You should inspect the gas tank as well. If the tank is dented, it may need to be replaced. Also, check out the exhaust pipes because any metal that is tinted blue can indicate the motorcycle overheats.

Examine the Tires

Just like a car, you can tell if the tires are in good shape if the tip of your finger is covered by tread. While this test is usually just to check if tires are worn down, it can indicate problems with the bike. For example, if only one side of the tire is worn it can show a problem with the bike’s alignment or a bent wheel. Also, make sure to check the fender. If the fender is touching the tire, it will leave some abnormal waring.

Check the Milage and Paperwork

Since you are buying a used motorcycle, there should be a reasonable amount of mileage on the bike. If you look at the odometer and it reads all zeros or an absurdly low number of miles, it can indicate the gauge is a replacement. As a result, the true miles on the bike would be unknown. If you want to buy this used motorcycle then you need to accept the risks that come with not knowing the true mileage. You should also take a look at the paperwork. You can search the bike’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to get the motorcycle’s entire history. The history can show you how many accidents its been through, possible major repairs, and if the bike is stolen property. After all, you don’t want your first used bike to be stolen property.

Other Factors Before You Buy a Used Motorcycle

There a plenty of other things you should look at before you decide on buying a used bike. This includes:

  • Listening to the Engine
  • Assessing the Oil
  • Test Drive
  • Get an Inspection
  • Research the Price

However, what if you want to sell a used bike instead? Well, Sell Your Motorcycle can help you with that!

Sell Your Motorcycle

Selling is just as daunting as buying a used motorcycle. Not only do you have to find a place to put your listing but also deal with wishy-washy buyers that don’t know what they want. Sometimes you have to drive your motorcycle out to these potential buyers, only for them to decline and make you drive all the way back. However, Sell Your Motorcycle does things differently. We want sellers that have an easy and quick time selling their used bikes. That is why we provide a streamlined process. All sellers have to do is submit a quote and send it in. Afterward, Sell My Motorcycle will give you a generous offer! Once you accept, we will come to pick up your vehicle in person and give you cash. It is that easy!

So, don’t sell your motorcycle the hard way. Contact Sell My Motorcycle today!

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Motorcycle Appraisals Georgia

Motorcycle Appraisals Georgia

What are some of the reasons you would need a motorcycle appraisal? For one, it helps you establish a fair market value or actual cash value for your motorcycle. A motorcycle appraisal can also help you determine an accurate Diminishment In the Value of your motorcycle as well. A motorcycle appraisal can help aid in various insurance requirements or provide collateral value for a loan, plus many other uses.


Buying Used Motorcycles from Georgia!

Buying Used Motorcycles from Georgia!

Looking To Sell Your Old Hog?

Hello Georgia! We hope you got to get out the old motorcycle and get some ride time in! We know how much you guys love your motorcycles and motorcycle culture, which we commend you for.

These Georgia roads are some of the best in the country for cruising, but how is the old bike doing? Have you decided that it’s time to change gears and get a bike that can keep up with you? We know that putting work into your motorcycle, buying parts, getting used equipment, and doing it yourself can eventually outweigh the investment you originally put into your bike. We like to think that bikes have a shelf life and that riders will change needs as they age, which is where we step in. 

These reasons are just some of why we got into the business of buying used motorcycles, we saw a need and wanted to give an easy free alternative to some of the other sites out there that buy motorcycles. We have a deep distrust of Craigslist, the auctioning sites, and forums out there. We’ve heard all the horror stories (and experienced them ourselves) which is why we went into business.

Buying Used Motorcycles

If you’ve been looking for a quick and easy way to sell your bike then look no further! We here at are in the market to buy it! We’ve been doing business long enough to know what is frustrating for customers and motorcycle buyers alike, so we’ve made our process easy. If you need to sell your motorcycle quickly for cash, we can help. Simply fill out our free online form here and tell us all about your bike. We’ll come back with an offer, and if you accept we’ll deal with the pickup. We want to get you money so you can go out and buy your new favorite bike!

So make the easy choice, sell us your used bike and we’ll take care of anything else. It’s easy, simple, and quick!

Also if you’re trying to sell your old boat, ATV, or powersports vehicle these guys can help! Here is a link to our free quote form.