Riding From Georgia to Florida

Riding From Georgia to Florida

The Best Riding Routes in Florida A1A –> Route 1

If you’re gearing up to travel from Florida to Georgia or vice versa nothing can beat riding by the Atlantic on a motorcycle. If you want to feel the breeze and view of the beach as you cruise to your destination, we have a route you should try. The A1A on the East coast of Florida is one for the books. This route takes you right along the Atlantic ocean then turns into route 1 that can go all the way down to the Florida Keys.

This route gives you everything you could need in scenic viewing, beaches, coastal towns, and a great view of the ocean, what else could you ask for? If you need a break make sure to stop by in St. Augustine, Daytona, or any of the other coastal towns, you won’t regret it. We just hope you enjoy the ride and the views.

There all types of riding routes in Florida and Georgia to enjoy any time of year.

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