Georgia’s Dragon

The state of Georgia is filled with a lot of beautiful attractions such as mountains, lush forests, fresh bodies of water, and coastlines. With all of the breathtaking fascinations Georgia has to offer, it makes this state all the more picturesque while enjoying your motorcycle ride.

The Suches Loop (Georgia’s Dragon)

The Suches Loop, also known as Georgia’s Dragon, is one of the most popular motorcycle rides in Georgia. With a distance of 81.1km and duration of one hour and 22 minutes, this road is right dab in the middle of the Chattahoochee National Forest and Blue Ridge Mountains. Georgia’s Dragon is known for its fun twists and challenging elevation changes, but that makes it all the more spectacular because you get to admire an impeccable view along the way.


In order to get to Georgia’s Dragon, you’ll need a few directions:

  • Begin in Dahlonega, Georgia and head north, towards Route 60.Georgia's Dragon
  • Take Route 60 until it merges with GA 19.
  • From there, you’ll notice that it splits off to the left towards Suches, Georgia.
  • Continue on Suches, GA, hanging right on Route 180.
  • Stay on Route 180 (Wolfpen Gap Road) until there’s a dead end into the US Highway 129/19.
  • Turn right onto the Highway and follow it back down South, until you get to Dahlonega, GA.

Road Quality

If you’re looking for a challenge, then this is a road to ride your motorcycle on! GA 19 splits into two lanes (allows for very easy passing) that lead up to the mountain. Route 180 is a little bit more difficult, because the width of this road is similar to driveways with numerous elevation changes and blind turns. Along the way, there are motorcycle resources that includes a nice burger place, Dale’s (a place to stop and get fuel for your bike), and several pullouts to just gaze upon the view. All in all, this is considered mountain road traveling at its finest!

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